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6 Types of Events to Consider Hiring A Caricature Artist

1. College Events (Student Orientation Events, Family Weekends, etc.)

2. Wedding Receptions

3. Senior parties and After-Proms

4. Outdoor Festivals (Art Festivals, Family Festivals, City Festivals)

5. Corporate Functions (Holiday Party, Conference Training,

6. Business Promotions (Trade Shows, Grand Openings, Recurring Promotions, etc.)

College events are fun way to get all the students to engage in student life on campus. Most campuses have student led events where many times it is the student that reaches out to us initially to see if we are available for their event. We work closely with college administrators and the students who are planning the campus event. This is always a fun entertainment option among college age students. We have entertained thousands of students at many college campuses throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa.

A growing trend in wedding planning is to hire a caricature artist for the bride and groom’s big day. While photo booths have traditionally been a popular option as a keepsake souvenir, for those couples who want to impress and delight their guests there is also an option to bring a caricature artist to their wedding reception. We have literally worked with hundreds of couples that are planning their wedding and want to give their loved ones who travel for their big day something to keep as a souvenir to remember it by.

High school senior parties and after prom parties have always been a great event for caricature artists over the years. Since many party events are “street fair” or carnival theme they are a natural fit. So having a caricature artist is a great fit alongside a hypnotist, tattoo artists, or other entertainment. We are based out of Sioux Falls, so we typically work with post prom committee planners that are within a 60 mile radius.

Outdoor festivals are always exciting and fun for the whole family. And since caricatures is a great option for all ages – it is always popular at these events. We have drawn at these events in South Dakota in recent years: Oahe Days in Pierre, American Island Days in Chamberlain, Art in the Park in Eagle Butte, Brookings Art Festival in Brookings and Hartford Jamboree Days in Hartford. So if you are considering unique entertainment that gives your event goers great souvenirs to remember your festival down the road than you might consider a caricaturist.

Corporate functions such as: holiday parties, corporate training, company picnics, etc. are great events for caricatures. It doesn’t matter if it is indoors or outdoors or whether it is employees-only or full family events we can provide live-event entertainment. We have provided live event caricatures for some of the largest companies in South Dakota and many small family businesses as well. We can even accommodate putting your company’s logo on the paper as well. You would need to reach out to us and inquire about that option, but we do work with businesses that want that option.

Business promotions has it’s own category apart from corporate functions since it’s goal is for customer-facing events rather employee-facing events. Examples of this would be: trade shows, grand openings, weekly promotions, etc. The primary job of the artist is to attract potential customers with free gifts and pass along promotional material along with the drawing. So a business could use this to pass along: discounts, weekly specials, brochures, surveys, etc. Anything that the business wants to promote. This would be another instance where there is possibilities with branded paper (paper with your business logo printed at the bottom).

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